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Make Yourself Comfortable - a new album of classics from Betty Johnson

Selected sample tracks:

These sample tracks are encoded in a low resolution MP3 format which does not reflect the true audio quality of the actual recording.

Make Yourself Comfortable cover art

Make Yourself Comfortable

Betty Johnson

These popular standards of Big Band style music from the 1950's have been digitally remastered from the original Bell Records Recordings maintained in Betty Johnson's private archives. It seems that good things just never grow old, they just age gracefuly and mellow with the years.

Track Listings:

1. Make Yourself Comfortable (Bob Merrill) 2:46   
2. Whither Thou Goest     (Guy/Singer) 2:29
3. My Restless Lover     (J.Watson/Winter) 2:31
4. Cuddle Me     (R. Gaylord) 2:08
5. Did They Tell You     (A.White/L.Addeo) 2:45
6. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight     (Hank Williams) 2:31
7. All Of You     (Cole Porter) 2:32
8. I Need You Now     (Crane-Jacobs) 2:19
9. This Ole House     (Stuart Hamblen) 2:22
10. Cross Over The Bridge     (Sullivan/Pugh) 2:34
11. This Is The Thanks I Get   (Eddy Arnold/Dilbeck) 2:23
12. Show Me       (G. Berry Jr) 2:15
13. Buckle On The Boot (Norman Gimbel) 2:22

"Having Been born in 1968, I did not live through the 1950's era, but have always loved and collected 1950's music.

The first 7-inch 78prm Bell Record I bought at a local record sale was Betty Johnson's "Cross Over the Bridge". It was 1987, I remember it well.

I was at a local record fair and bough a few Bell 45rpm records from this seller. He then came up to me and showed me the 78rpm copy, telling me that this was a very special one. To me, it sure was, as it was the very first one I had seen and in Holland the 78rpm Bell Records are indeed difficult to find.

I only had 7-inch 45 rpm Bell Records in my collection at that time and was highly pleased with this new discovery.

After having collected Bell Records for more than 15 years, buying them through local record fairs, my collection has expanded rapidly since I started buying records through the Internet.

Just two months ago I came across Betty Johnson's website, in my search for information on Bell Record performers. In an email to Betty I asked her if she would like to share some of her memories on her Bell Record recordings with me and to my great pleasure, she did.

In our further correspondence I have found Betty to be one of the nicest and most charming women I have ever met. Judging from the guestbook entries on her site I am not the only one who thinks so and enjoys her music.

This CD contains Betty's 1954 Bell REcord recordings, which clearly show the quality of her voice and is self-explanatory on why she became one of the leading female vocalists in the late 1950's and early 1960's. "

-Freddy Elzinga,
The Netherlands
Sept. 2004

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